Port Coquitlam Home Basement Renovations


Port Coquitlam Home Basement Renovations

The basement area in many homes is often a  neglected  space and is left unfinished and unlivable. If you have been putting off working on your basement, you may want to reconsider the opportunities in reclaiming this space. Take a moment and think about the potential that is just below the main floor of your home.  Just think about the extra space that finishing off your basement would provide your family and then think about the new lifestyle changes that could be realized. In today’s Real Estate market the addition of useable comfortable living space will surely pay for itself. If you are not selling in the near future you will have at least expanded your own personal space and added to the quality of lifestyle that Port Coquitlam Home Basement Renovations can help you with.

Where Do You Start?

Before beginning any basement renovations, it is necessary to inspect for water issues or foundation damage. Check the foundations floors  foundation walls, and walk around the foundation from the outside and make sure the exterior of the foundation is Ok. Check downspouts and gutters for dirt build up and make sure the water is flowing properly away from the house to keep water away from the basement. If you suspect a water or dampness problem in the basement it is really a good idea to call in Port Coquitlam Home Basement Renovation expert and have the situation reviewed. Can you imagine putting in a nice finished basement and then have it flood a short time after?

Make a plan both for the purpose of budgets but also for the requirements for servicing of the mechanical. The plumbing, insulation, waterproofing, air circulation heating and lighting should be given top priority. You may find it necessary to break up concrete for a bathroom, put in an exit door, or maybe a window. It may be necessary to install a drop ceiling if you will need access to
these systems in the future. Are you putting in a fireplace or is baseboard heating to supply the cozy warmth to your new room?

Spending the time to think through your needs and drafting a plan should be your mandatory first step. The first question that comes to mind is why are we finishing off the basment space?

Decide on use of the Finished Space

Things are simpler if you just want a family room, a place for your new billiard table or maybe even your very own office space. It is the era of large entertainment devices so maybe your dream is a new home theater. If your idea is more of an entertainment room for the family it is an easier concept to renovate on. However if you are thinking about rental revenue from a basement suite you are heading down a different path.

Building a suite will very well require plumbing, electrical, framing, finishing, and even design expertise that may even involve concrete construction. Putting in a suite will require a lot of planning to properly convert a basement into a rentable  suite. The first thing to do is figure out if it putting in a suite is a doable thing. If the suite is not practical you will want to know ahead of time before you invest in supplies and time.

If you are thinking about putting in a suite Go to your municipality and check the rules and regulations on turning a basement into a rental unit. Every municipality is different; some allow it, some don’t, and each one might have a different set of requirements for how they want it to be done properly. If a suite is on your radar make sure you visit the municipality your self. You really want to have a heads up if you are going to take this journey.

What ever your thinking it is always a good idea to get quotes and ideas from your local Port Coquitlam Home Basement professionals. Sometimes the cost of having it done right is less expensive then doing yourself and a local supplier is only a phone call away.

While you are thinking of Port Coquitlam Home Renovations or Home Repairs Total Home Services also provides the following services, in all areas of the Lower Mainland including Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Delta, Surrey, Langley and many of the outlying areas.

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If you are thinking about finishing off the basement for whatever reason, give us a call, we are easy to talk to and full of great ideas. Call Ken Bradshaw today

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