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Budgeting For Kitchen Renovation Coquitlam

Being sensible with your kitchen renovations Coquitlam budget is great rule as you start on your new kitchen renovation. Having a renovation budget is an must unless of course money is no object. A well thought out budget will prevent you from making wrong decisions and choices as you progress through the renovation.

Do renovation research so you have an idea about the costs of  contractors, appliances and materials will be. This will really help you when you talk to your contractor of choice.  Once you have your research information , then you will be in a position  to work out a budget. It is smart to budget a little higher and have a bit of a buffer  for the unexpected. You can almost bet that your budget will be tested as you will always have choices and upgrades and “got to have it features” that could throw you off track in your new kitchen renovations coquitlam.  It is also a great idea to get more than one quote and references are always nice as well. Check the contractors website for testimonials and any social proof that makes sense. The other thing is to be value minded rather and you will not be as tempted by the lowest bid. Sometimes the lowest bid is not the best decision. Think about the quality of the finished product and do your best to bring real value to your purchase.

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Kitchen Renovations Coquitlam Appliances

Appliances are always fun to shop for but again shop around and you can do a lot of the research on the internet with consumer reviews and retailers prices. Price ranges vary from store to store so take your time. If you are buying all of your appliances from one place it is also a good idea to get a discount. Sometimes your contractor may also have an opportunity for you to buy wholesale or pass along the contractors discount. Talk to your contractor about this before you sign a contract with them.  Keeping your kitchen renovation within budget will require some discipline but it will be worth. You will have  urges to go outside your budget and sometimes that is ok, remember you built in a bit of a buffer… just don’t go wild.

There are a few things you should think about before hiring the services of a professional contractor and  making those appliance selections. The kitchen is a great flex room it does so many things from  a meeting place for the family, preparing food with the family and of course enjoying a meal with the family. The kitchen is also a storage area for food and possibly cleaning supplies.

The Kitchen Work Triangle

The kitchen is a great gathering place. Everyone likes to  migrate to the kitchen as it is usually a main focus in your home . So, it is important that your remodelling ideas take this into consideration. Home decorating magazines ,you tube and the internet are all great places to go for renovation ideas.  If you decide to work with a designer this will help you communicate and share ideas.

The first kitchen remodelling tip is to consider the three basic kitchen functions: storage, food preparation, and clean-up. A well thought out kitchen design will accommodate each of these three functions. The layout of the kitchen design should be defined with convenient layout and ease of movement. The historical “work triangle” should be a good guidline. The sink, the refrigerator and the stove are the three most frequented facets of the kitchen and it is a good idea to arrange them in a triangular pattern. This time tested plan prevents unnecessary steps and has time tested as  a great working layout.
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