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Fencing your residence has numerous benefits and it is wise to maintain a system for fence repair. Providing privacy and much needed security to your Vancouver family can be an important benefit to fence repair.

The aesthetic aspect of it, is also important in adding to the overall appeal of your home. However if you don’t maintain the fence and the repairs on time, the durability of it will be affected over time. Robert  Frost once said that “Good Fences Make Good Neighbours” and it is highly appropriate to be thinking that fence repair plays a part in that thinking.

This article will highlight a few important tips in home fence repair and fence maintenance.

Tips for Fence Repair Vancouver:

1. Inspect the fence for broken or loose boards and posts.  With this in mind you can plan your attack and move forward with the fence repair.  This visual will help you with your home repair budget and the question is always “should I repair or replace?”.

2. Staining a fence is much better than painting the fence.  It also gives more protection to the fence by penetrating more into the wood.  Staining will make future fence repairs much easier than repairing a painted fence.

3. The gate that is connecting the fence should also be kept in top condition with regular maintenance.  Oil the hinges of the gate regularly and keep them rust free always.  If not oiled on a regular basis, it would make the opening and the closing of the gate difficult after sometime. This is a minor home repair so all the more reason to get this small home repair done in a timely fashion.

4. All lose nails should be tightened to avoid further fence repair in the future.  Loose nails can be  threat to your kids as well as your pets.  You can hammer them back or else replace any rusty nails in the fence.  This is essential in maintaining a fence and it is a simple home repair that can be done in moments.

5. If you plan  on replacing the fence, this may be the time to check your property survey and also check with City Hall for height restrictions and possible architectural controls as it is related to fencing and your neighbourhood.

Fence Repair

Total Home Services doing Fence Repair

The above tips will come in handy, when maintaining or doing fence repair. Regular maintenance and repair work will guarantee a strong, durable fence and save your valuable money in the process. A sound fence may help in keeping a good relationship with your neighbours…if not… maybe it will be enough just to give some of that privacy we mentioned earlier.

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