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Bathroom Renovations

No doubt about it.  People are spending more time in the bathroom today.  bathroom renovationsIt’s not a supporting player anymore.  The old ‘necessary room’ has become a popular star in it’s own right.

There’s just something magical about it.  More and more the bathroom is become a place where family members retreat to not just for the necessity of bathing and grooming but also more extensive grooming, storage and just to luxuriate in style and privacy. You can see why Bathroom Renovations are all the rage.

There was a time when ultra comfortable bathrooms were the domain only of the rich, but today well planned bathroom renovations are found in homes of all sizes and price points.  Current estimates suggest that people upgrade or renovate their bathrooms approximately every 18 years.

In fact, recent industry data tells us that bathroom renovations still rank in the top five of home remodeling projects (just ahead of kitchen renovations).

Remodeling a bathroom will take some planning.  Because sometimes bathrooms are a little smaller, you have to be careful that ample thought goes into any changes you make.

Bathroom Renovations Who does the work?

Some bathroom renovations can be done by the homeowner if they have the skills and tools.  Other, more extensive and complex bathroom renovation jobs require professional tradesmen.  If significant design work is involved it’s also possible to employ your designer or architect to supervise the job but expect to pay a fee for this service.

Probably your best bet nowadays, because home remodeling has become a pretty mature industry is to find one of the professional, well establish remodeling contractors who provide full service from design to completion.  In the long run, when you add in the value of your time and peace-of-mind in knowing it’ll be done right……you’re probably better of doing it this way.

OK…but what are some of the more exciting trends in bathroom design today?

Here’s a few quick, easy inexpensive things you can probably do yourself:

New lighting fixtures are very inexpensive and look like they’re worth a lot more than they usually cost.  Mirrors are also easy to install. Relatively inexpensive and add a whole new dimension to your bathroom.

And similarly, modular flooring squares are readily available in a wide variety of styles and make a dramatic change in the overall appearance of the bathroom.

New handles, hardware, sinks, tubs and the exciting new ‘rain shower head’ are not difficult to put in if you’re handy with basic tools.

Other jobs however, although very functional and attractive, are a little harder for a do-it-yourselfer.  You’ll probably need to hire somebody to enjoy these kinds of bathroom renovations.

People are adding additional storage space (i.e. shelves, niches, cabinets, etc.), enlarging windows, adding spas and steam rooms, skylights, floor drains (long a very popular and common item in foreign countries), and newer, better ventilation.

Another interesting trend is that people are giving the commode a space of it’s own by either walling it off  or even putting it in it’s own small room.  This of course opens the bathroom up to even more ‘dual usage’.

Possibly the most jazzy thing going on in bathroom remodeling is that it’s getting hi-tech.  Toilets are going very ‘Star-Trek’ lately..with all kinds of electronic functions.  Also, bathrooms are getting wired for high quality sound…people like to boogie-in-the-bathroom and sing in the shower.

Bathroom renovation may cost a little but more and more people think it’s worth it.  Depending on the scope of the job, don’t expect the average job to be something you’ll do on a weekend.  The average bathroom renovation job will take a little time.  The good news is that it’ll create a whole new, positive aura around what’s already a very emotional experience.

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Bathroom Renovations

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